“Work safely. Go home safely.” 
The National Framers Council develops and implements
best practices to help ensure framers leave the jobsite
each day in the same health as they arrived.

FrameSAFE Dashboard

Thank you for subscribing to FrameSAFE and your company’s commitment to safety. FrameSAFE was designed to take the guesswork out of safety and standardize the process for framers across the country. Now in its fourth edition, this bilingual safety program based on OSHA 1926 was developed by Professional Framers to be a user-friendly tool that will help you meet your OSHA requirements and contractual obligations with minimal effort through easy-to-understand training materials. Properly executed, FrameSAFE will standardize your company’s safety program on all your projects as well as help to ensure the safety of your employees. Access the pdf of your "Customized FrameSAFE Manual" using the button below.

In addition to your customized manual, FrameSAFE subscribers receive access to a wealth of implementation, training, safety awareness, and recordkeeping/reporting resources, which should be understood and utilized to be in compliance with OSHA requirements. These resources are explained in more detail throughout our brand new, step-by-step implementation guide, which can be accessed in Implementation Resources. It is recommended that you begin here. 

Contact NFC staff with any questions or feedback you might have about your FrameSAFE program. For perspective on how others are using FrameSAFE, read more here.

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