“Work safely. Go home safely.” 
The National Framers Council develops and implements
best practices to help ensure framers leave the jobsite
each day in the same health as they arrived.

Meet Our Non-Framer Members/Sponsors

NFC Sponsors help the council act as the voice of framers to legislative, regulatory and standards-generating agencies, as well as support research, development and testing of quality, efficient and cost-effective framing and safety techniques. A wide variety of Custom Sponsorship Opportunities are available!

Sponsors are Non-Framer Members of NFC at either the national or regional level. A Corporate Non-Framer  Member is any firm, partnership or corporation engaged in a business other than framing that is interested in furthering the goals of NFC. This includes builders, general contractors and those supplying materials and/or services to framers including, but not limited to, structural components, building materials, products, equipment, machinery or design. Corporate Non-Framer Members qualify for the Regional Member rate if they do business in only one region defined by the NFC (see the proposed NFC Regional Map).

An Individual Non-Framer Member is any individual engaged in a business other than framing or installed sales who provides professional services to the framing industry and is interested in furthering the goals of NFC. This includes, but is not limited to, architects, engineers, building officials, educators, students, etc.

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NFC Mission

NFC will develop standards for framing field operations and management to be used as industry best practices, nationally.

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NFC Orientation Checklist

The FrameSAFE Orientation Checklist provides a safety overview for new employees.

Site-Specific Safety Program

The newly expanded version of FrameSAFE is now available! It includes four new modules, along with Toolbox Talks on dozens of topics and a site-specific fall protection plan template!

NFC is a council of the
Structural Building Components Association