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“Work safely. Go home safely.” 
The National Framers Council develops and implements
best practices to help ensure framers leave the jobsite
each day in the same health as they arrived.

Protected and Stabilized Framing Packages

Wood Protection Technologies, Inc. offers a suite of robust, factory applied topical coatings that stabilize wood fiber and protect framing packages from moisture, fire, insects and decay. No strength degradation, virtually no VOC’s, negligible weight gain from coating and non-corrosive.

The WOODPROTech System is proven to be effective in protecting whole framing packages against mold, fire, fungal decay and termites while dramatically improving dimensional stability.                           

Moisture is the enemy of wood framing, yet lumber and panels get delivered rain or shine. Project delays are often unavoidable, forcing framers to store lumber and panels on site or to leave vertical framing exposed for weeks and even months. 

Framers develop and implement best practices in order to protect their framing packages, only to be called back weeks later for racked walls, windows and doors that don’t function or twisted columns and bowed lumber.

WOODPROTech has the solution with third party tested and proven protection.  WPT’s patent pending Wood Surface Film Concentrate™ encases the wood product in a semi-permeable polymer barrier that allows it to breathe but locks in moldicides, fungicides and termiticides that bond with the wood fiber at the molecular level.  

Testing in accordance with AWPA E4-11 demonstrates dramatic improvement over raw SYP. WOOD PRO tech 3000™ reduces moisture absorption by roughly 50% and improves dimensional stability by 69% (as defined by ASE – anti-swelling efficiency).

After years of research and testing and millions of board feet in application, Wood Protection Technologies offers a mold and fungal warranty to meet real life framing expectations – 4 months of jobsite storage, 6 months of exposed vertical framing and 5 years covered structure. 

Talk to your specifier and building owner about specifying the WOODPROTech System and ask your components supplier for a quote. To find out more, see us at or call 858.780.4747.

WOOD PRO tech is recruiting structural building component manufacturers, sawmills, lumber dealers and distributors to join our exclusive network of licensed applicators.  Low cost, small footprint equipment, turnkey operation with strict, cloud-based quality assurance, up and running in 90 days. 


NFC Orientation Checklist

The FrameSAFE Orientation Checklist provides a safety overview for new employees.

NFC Mission

NFC will develop standards for framing field operations and management to be used as industry best practices, nationally.

Frame Safe Logo Safety Manual Template

Site-Specific Safety Program

Version 4 of FrameSAFE is now available! It includes a new module on silica exposure, expanded Implementation Guide and a new, searchable online dashboard!

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