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“Work safely. Go home safely.” 
The National Framers Council develops and implements
best practices to help ensure framers leave the jobsite
each day in the same health as they arrived.

Standards Committee

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the National Framers Council Standards Committee is to (1) define the typical duties and responsibilities of the Building Designer, Contractor and framing installation subcontractor to the Contractor (“Framing Trade Contractor”) so that all parties understand the division of responsibilities with respect to wood framing of multi-unit Building projects (“Commercial Wood Framing”).  This will result in future safer construction, more effective and efficient use of resources and more economical Commercial Wood Framing projects overall and (2) provide requirements to the Building Designer and Contractor on matters relating to the commercial wood framing process. Revised 1/20

2020 Committee Priorities

  • Develop standards and requirements for dimensioning responsibilities.
    • Example:
      • Design Team is responsible to dimension wood framing from stud to stud without consideration for drywall or sheathing.
      • General Contractor is responsible for providing Control ensuring the building is located properly on the foundation.
      • Framing Trade Contractor is responsible for framing within specified tolerances, (to be determined; since they are absent from building code or unfairly specified).
    • Method:
      • Follow the logic and organization of the “Responsibilities in the Design Process Involving Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses.”
      • Develop multiple standards and requirements as best suited to current AIA, IBC, NAHB responsibilities.
      • Develop a Document of Responsibilities relating to the wood framing of commercial buildings (see sample list above).
  • Solicit the assistance of SBCA to seek the attention of The American Institute of Architects to adopt these responsibilities.


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NFC will develop standards for framing field operations and management to be used as industry best practices, nationally.

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